What’s That Horrible Smell From My Crawlspace?

After a torrential downpour, if the house has a musty smell, the crawlspace most likely has a moisture issue. The good news is that most odors can be eliminated if you get rid of their source.

When there is a heavy downpour, the ground may become saturated, which could allow standing water to seep into the crawlspace through the porous mortar joints in the brick. A crawlspace’s walls are easily permeable by water because most of them are “substandard.” Water follows the route of least resistance by seeping through mortar joints when the crawlspace’s ground level is lower than the surrounding area.

Causes of Crawlspace Smells

What's That Horrible Smell From My Crawlspace? - American Crawlspace - Seattle, WA
Funky smell coming from your crawlspace? Don’t ignore it! Get help from American Crawlspace.

The main reasons why a crawlspace smells musty are:

  • Groundwater increases the soil’s smelly minerals.
  • Standing water becomes stagnant and begins to smell.
  • Bad odors are frequently produced by mold and mildew.
  • Animals or animal droppings
  • Dead animals
  • Sewage leaks in the plumbing’s drain lines

If you are worried about any of the issues listed above, it is crucial to accurately pinpoint the causes of your concerns. Our skilled inspectors are qualified to determine the root of any issues and suggest the best line of action. Fixing the cause of the stench is the key to getting rid of it from a crawlspace.

The following are methods to get rid of smells and odors:

  • French drains and sump pumps can help you get rid of flooding and ground water.
  • Gutter and downspout extensions should be used to prevent the crawlspace from flooding.
  • Clean the crawlspace thoroughly.
  • Encapsulate the crawlspace or put in a new vapor barrier.
  • Kill the fungus and mold.
  • Remove any vermin from the crawlspace.
  • Eliminate the conditions that rodents like, such as bedding, water, food, and dampness.
  • Ask a plumber to treat the sewage-affected areas and remove any contaminated objects.

The musty stench should go once the root causes have been completely dealt with. You can arrange for one of our American Crawl Space trained inspectors to visit your home and check your crawl space for free if you need advice determining the best strategy for getting rid of the odors.

Checking Your Home for Odor and Smell Sources

Our Expert Advisors are qualified to determine the root of the problem and the best course of action for your property. We provide free, no-obligation inspections and estimates if you have concerns about your crawlspace. When we assess your home, we discuss the issues, offer potential fixes, and weigh your alternatives to determine what will work best.

What Makes American Crawlspace the Best Option for Your Smelly Crawlspace?

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Utilize our free crawlspace inspection to discover more about American Crawlspace smell solutions. Your inspection will offer you a far better idea of the problems you’re dealing with as well as your best repair options. Contact American Crawlspace today to schedule your free inspection.