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Insulation Removal and Cleanup

Insulation removal and cleanup of an attic or crawlspace is often an essential first step in preparing your home to be properly insulated. Rodent infestations and water damage are just a couple of reasons why old insulation may need to be removed prior to installing new insulation.

Contaminated Crawlspace
Contaminated Crawlspace
Insulation Removed from Crawlspace
Insulation Removed

Our experienced team follows a detailed process in the cleanup of every crawlspace and attic.


  1. Bag and remove all soiled insulation.
  2. Remove all debris from crawlspace.
  3. Clean rodent droppings from all surfaces.
  4. Remove old vapor barrier.
  5. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.
  6. Sanitize and deodorize with neutralizing enzyme.


Contaminated Attic1
Contaminated Attic
Contaminated Attic with Rodent Droppings
Contaminated Attic with Rodent Droppings


  1. Vacuum out soiled insulation and rodent droppings.
  2. Remove all debris from attic.
  3. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.
  4. Sanitize and deoderize with neutralizing enzyme.

We use a high power insulation vacuum to remove all soiled material from the attic. Our specialized equipment ensures a thorough cleanup on every job.

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