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Multifamily Attic & Crawlspace Solutions

#1 in the Northwest for over 20 years

For Seattle area commercial property owners and managers, finding reliable services can be a challenge. Whether it’s pest control, mold mitigation and drainage, or insulation, you need someone trustworthy. We are proud to be that trusted partner for your condominiums, apartments or other multi-family buildings.

Comprehensive Services: From pest control and mold remediation to insulation and drainage, we address many common problems that come up in attics and crawlspaces. 

Holistic Approach: Our uniqueness lies in our extensive and detailed inspections. We have refined an all-inclusive method that tackles crawl and attic issues that are often related.

Preventive Focus: We prioritize identifying potential crawl and attic issues before they escalate. By spotting concerns early, we save you substantial repair and maintenance costs.

Unbeatable Warranties: Our service warranties stand out in the industry, guaranteeing you peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of our solutions.

Seamless Communication: Our professional team prioritizes clear and prompt communication, ensuring your needs are understood and addressed efficiently.

Experience with Multi-Family Projects: Few competitors match our extensive experience in managing large and small multi-family projects, making us a preferred choice for property managers and owners.

Minimal Disruption: We are committed to maintaining a low impact on your tenants and residents, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.

If you’re a Seattle area commercial property owner or property manager looking for reliable pest control, mold and insulation services for your apartment complex or multi-family dwelling, contact us today for a FREE and thorough inspection! Our friendly and professional team is here to help you create a comfortable, energy-efficient, and pest-free environment for your tenants.

Three easy steps to get your multi-family property back in top shape:

Step 1

Contact our office to book a free inspection.

Step 2

Our inspector will provide a comprehensive plan to address any issues we find.

Step 3

Contact our office to book your job.

We will provide a detailed schedule for your project to eliminate surprises for you or your residents. Throughout the project we will keep your team informed with regular progress updates.