Subfloor insulation

A properly insulated subfloor reduces energy costs and will help keep your home comfortable year round. Most homes built before 1990 have insufficient or missing subfloor insulation. A visual inspection of your crawlspace will quickly determine whether insulation is properly installed. Cold floors can also be an indication of insufficient, damaged or missing subfloor insulation.

Fiberglass insulation batts are installed in the cavities between floor joists and held snug to the subfloor with twine or lathe. When possible, R30 should be used for proper subfloor insulation. If the joist cavities are too shallow, we will use the highest R-value that will fit. All our insulation products are made from recycled glass and sand for a healthier environment and all are formaldehyde free to keep your family safe.

A properly insulated crawlspace with subfloor insulation, insulated heating ducts and a vapor barrier installed.

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