Vapor Barrier

Most homes in the Pacific Northwest have dirt floor crawlspaces.  With several months of rain each year, moisture may travel through the soil and accumulate in the crawlspace.  Excessive moisture can cause damage to the wood in the home’s substructure.  Once wet, wood can rot and cause a structural failure. In addition, moisture in a crawlspace may cause mold and mildew which can lead to health problems.

Some homes have an existing vapor barrier that was not properly installed while others have no vapor barrier at all.  A properly installed vapor barrier is 6 mil black plastic and covers all the soil in a crawlspace.

Free Inspection
One of our trained technicians will inspect your crawlspace and provide you with a plan for installing a vapor barrier and other items which may be required to keep your crawlspace dry .

A properly installed vapor barrier
A properly installed vapor barrier

Vapor Barrier Installation
Vapor barriers are installed directly over the soil and secured with spikes.  A properly installed vapor barrier coupled with adequate ventilation will prevent moisture from accumulating in a home’s crawlspace.

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