Why Rodents Want to Live in Your Attic and Crawlspace

Rodents are a problem in Seattle area homes and businesses. American Crawl Space can help with rodent exclusion services.
Rodents like rats and mice LOVE to find their way into Seattle area homes. We can help get rid of them.

Food, warmth and safety. These are the only things going through his mind as he skitters across the damp lawn. Suddenly he stops, nose twitching as he picks up a new scent. Yes, this is the spot. Little legs churn as he scampers to a nearby foundation and bolts through a small hole. This rodent has just found a new home – in your home.

Rats and mice thrive in attics and crawlspaces in the Puget Sound area. These areas are safe havens from predators and provide good breeding and nesting conditions. Food sources from garbage and pet food are plentiful. Under ideal conditions, a population of two rodents can swell to over a thousand within a year!

The Damage

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, odds are you have been (or will be!) exposed to the rank smell of a thriving rodent population. While rats and mice can go unnoticed in your home for some time, a quick peek into your attic or crawlspace is all it takes to unveil their destructive nature.

In addition to the smell, there are other unpleasant signs of habitation. Soiled insulation, often falling or matted down. Chew marks on wiring, plumbing, and other parts of the structure. Entry and exit holes that have been burrowed or chewed through edges of the attic and crawlspace. On top of all that, urine and feces covering everything! This type of infestation poses a health risk for all those living in the home.

The Solution

Many homeowners are disgusted and embarrassed to find rodents living in their home. How could this happen to me? Rest assured, this is a common issue for many folks in the Puget Sound area and is typically not a reflection of how clean a home or property is kept. With the right approach, a rodent infestation can be quickly removed and a home restored to pristine condition.

In the past, the approach was to fix one problem at a time. Soiled and contaminated insulation? Rip it out and replace it. See a rat? Throw some poison or a few traps in the area and hope for the best. Unfortunately, without a comprehensive solution, it is very difficult to take care of the problem permanently.

The good news is that American Crawlspace & Pest Services pioneered an effective method for ridding a home of rodents and returning the crawlspace and attic to a clean and healthy condition. The first step is to remove the contaminated insulation and (for crawlspaces) the vapor barrier. Next, all rodent entry points are sealed up. After that, the area is treated with a sanitizer and a new vapor barrier is installed. Traps are then set and checked about a week later. Once there is confidence that no more rodents are entering the area, new insulation is installed. The home is then put on a regular monitoring program to ensure rodents never return to establish their home in the crawlspace or attic again.

We Can Help

If you are concerned that rodents may have invaded your home, call American Crawlspace & Pest services or fill out an online form here. An inspector will come to your home and check the condition of your crawlspace and attic free of charge. Gain peace of mind with the knowledge that your home is healthy and rodent free.