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Why Rodents Want to Live in Your Attic and Crawlspace

Wednesday, February 8th
Food, warmth and safety. These are the only things going through his mind as he skitters across the damp lawn. Suddenly he stops, nose twitching as he picks up a new scent. Yes, this is the spot. Little legs churn as he scampers to a nearby foundation and bolts through a small hole. This rodent… [ Read More ]
Mice and rats are only cute outside. Find out about our rodent exclusion service to keep them out of your home.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

Tuesday, January 24th
Do mice, rats, or other pesky animals keep finding their way into your home? The process of identifying potential animal entry points and taking preventative measures to keep these animals out is known as exclusion. Although the term is usually associated with rodent exclusion, it is [ Read More ]