Insulation Upgrades and Installation


Many homes do not have adequate insulation for our Northwest climate. A properly insulated home will save money, save energy, and increase comfort year-round. Our trained staff has the expertise necessary to fully insulate your attic and crawlspace to the optimum r-value.

Vapor Barrier Installed in Crawlspace

Vapor Barrier Installed in Crawlspace

Finished Crawlspace

Finished Crawlspace

Our installation team does a thorough job of covering all the options chosen for an insulation upgrade.


  1. Install a new vapor barrier and secure with spikes.
  2. Install new insulation with maximum r-value.
  3. Insulate water pipes and heat ducts.
  4. Insulate hatch door (interior access only).
  5. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.
Installing Attic Insulation

Installing Attic Insulation


  1. Install baffles as needed to protect air vents.
  2. Blow in new insulation for optimum r-value.
  3. Insulate hatch door.
  4. Seal all holes to keep rodents out.

We will never recommend services that you do not need. We are committed to fully insulating your attic and crawlspace at the lowest possible cost to you.

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